Steps to building a House

  1. Find a Realtor with New Construction experience to represent you.
     a. you just found 2 of them
     b. We have helped build homes from 80K to over 350K

  1. Work with us in choosing a lender and get preapproved for the loan.
     a. This will help you determine the size of home you can afford.
     b. Will let you know the downpayment requirements ( if any )
     c. The builder will require an intent to lend letter prior to starting.
  1. Work with us on finding the land or lot to place the home.
     a. Must do before the plan to ensure it will fit on the lot

  1. Find a floorplan… Determine custom changes

Make a list of amenities you want included… Ceramic tile, skylights

Let us schedule appointments with the builders at our office
     a. Gets the builder out of his element
     b. Your chance to ask him your pertinent questions
     c. Determine if want to work woth them or not.
     d. Get their price or book the next appt for their price

Sit down with us and write the contract
     Including the addendum specifying ALL terms agreed to and specs        for the home

  1. Do loan application with the lender

Construction begins…
Dirt work… Slab poured… Framing… Roofing… Windows…
Sheetrock… Doors… Brick… Trim work… Etc…

Meet with us weekly at job site to ensure all specs are within contract

Any changes will be done in writing 

Then final inspection and move in…

Some things you must decide

Brick color, windows, carpet, tile, paint, wallpaper, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, countertops, and more…

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