Little known fact: Using a Realtor when building a home is smart and costs you nothing. No the builder will not raise the price to pay the agent. A builder figures in his fee, lets say 15% on a $100,000 house. Then an agent comes along with someone who wants to build it and magic it's still $100,000. He will pay the agent from his own fee. Some builders may tell you different but not true. We have done hundreds and they are all the same. Shifty builders may not want an agent involved so that no-one with knowledge is watching them. If you don't use an agent it's like going to court with out an attorney.

This is why they say Building can be the hardest most costly thing you will do. Divorces happen over building a home. With an agent we make sure EVERYTHING is in writing. Builders like to do things verbally. We cover your back.

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